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The Gazebo

The Gazebo Custom Logo

Project Details:

For this client, they were wanting a new logo for their Gazebo venue. The client gave me a photograph of the actual venue and was hoping whatever image or graphic was used could better represent the actual Gazebo. They also wanted trees in the back, to have a rustic and trendy vibe, and hoped to be able to include a dragon fly somewhere.

So I began by taking the image of the Gazebo into photoshop and got rid of the background. After that I played around with some different settings until I got the image to look sketched. I then set it to black and white to make sure none of the colors came through. After that I erased all the areas that looks like they were supposed to be windows.

After I completed the Gazebo I went into illustrator on an iPad pro and drew a tree. I copied it into my computer and then made two other copies and then just adjusted the sizes to be different. I did the same thing with the dragon fly. I drew it on the iPad pro and then copied it into my illustrator file and made it smaller. I placed everything until it looked just right and then added the curved text to the top with a more playful font at the bottom. The client wanted the logo to be contained, which I agree, just really made it all come together by adding the circle.


Review from Kris:

Best experience!! Kimberly Anne was incredible to work with. She turned my project around within 24 hours and it is exactly what I had hoped for and envisioned for my business logo. So talented, and easy to work with! I will definitely be engaging her for future projects.


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