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Project Details:

A couple of years before landing on the beautiful design that now graces Krista's blog, we had made her a thrown together blog as she wanted to begin getting into it. But when she started gaining massive traction on her social media accounts, we knew it was time for a facelift and time to get series about making the blog reflect her brand. I made her a logo, and then implemented a design that truly reflected her and what her brand, SOULfitRUNNER is all about.


Review from SOULfitRUNNER:

I don’t know what I would have done without Kim and her natural ability to design beautiful things! I wanted to start a blog and made a sad attempt at building the WIX website.  After chatting with Kim about it, her energy rubbed off onto me and I knew I was in good hands.  She was so excited FOR me and saw my vision as clearly - or even more so - as me!  She was quick with her work.  It was clean and crisp.  Exactly what I needed!  And it was easy enough for me to maintain going forward without more help.
I would highly recommend Kim to anyone and everyone because she can visualize and create in a way that very few people can.  She is incredible and I’m so grateful to her for all the work she put in to helping me start my blog.  I can confidently put the link on my Instagram account now!


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