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Hourly Work

busy bodies fitness website help

Did you know I do hourly work? There are many services and things I am able to help you with in regards to your Wix website. I have had many clients hire me on to do small tasks such as helping them set things up, design one page, offer them guidance, ect. For this particular project the client was having trouble creating member specific pages that could only be accessed as part of a paid program.

When I got into the site I was able to figure out it was because she was using Wix ADI. When using Wix ADI, it does not allow you to create member only pages. I was able to switch her over to the Wix Editor, create the pages, change the settings, and link them to her paid plans.

Do you have just a couple of things you need done to your website? Let me know and I would be more than happy to help.



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