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Dr. Carmel Ferreira

Project Details:

This site was the first of its kind that I designed. This website is for an Integrated Family Practice and Naturopathic Doctor. We needed to make sure it addressed all the information for potential patients. We also knew it would be important for it to have a professional and clean look while still representing the doctor who runs the practice. This project was completed in three weeks.


Review from Dr. Carmel:

I want to say that I am blown away with the professionalism and talent that Kim has!!!  I came to her with a large concern of mine, that is to give my website a new facelift, as I was still operating off an old website that look dated.  Kim went above and beyond my expectations!!!  She was able to produce a beautiful website that not only was functional but that was able to produce an emotion upon opening it up!!  Not only that, but being bilingual it is a requirement for me to have a site that allows my Spanish language visitors to be able to get the information they need.  She was able to create my Spanish website too and having it look flawless as it flowed with the English one!  I would highly recommend her to any small business owner on getting the site done not only based on the talent but also she was very easy to work with and pleasant.  Thank you Kim for what you did for my site but most importantly, what you did for my business!!


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