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why clementine by design?

Hey there, my name is Kimberly Anne and I am the owner of Clementine by Design. I have been designing websites since the age of 14. People often ask me what got me into it, and the simple answer is this; I was a nerd during my early teenage years and got way more excited about coming home from school to figure out different HTML code so I could do what I wanted with my homemade websites. Of course, at the time, I didn't realize what I was doing as I began playing around on a platform called 'Piczo'. Quickly I began getting into the Piczo community of creating different graphics and finding all sorts of HTML code. It amazed me that I could create really cool stuff with it, and soon discovered the amazing world of CSS. During that time I'd estimated that I created over 100 different websites; I was addicted and it was my obsession. I loved creating. I loved learning new ways to make a website work, and I loved keeping up with the latest trends. That eventually translated into blogging, and then my first job as a marketing associate where I would help put together different marketing materials and make updates to the company website using programs like InDesign and Dreamweaver.

After years of a growing passion and a variety of experience, I have grown to really  value the online design and marketing world. Those values have translated into beliefs I hold and carries into the custom work I do with clients. Being honest and having open communication is one of the most important things when working with a client. I  always like to check in before doing something on a project that could potentially up the cost. I strive to keep my clients updated and keep an honest record of how much time I have spent on their project to help us both stay on track. Being honest when giving my opinions and getting honest feedback from clients is what makes the process of doing a custom project go smoothly and ultimately, yields the best results.


why I choose wix

  • Designer and client connection through shared websites and the ability to transfer

  • Endless customizations - HTML, Databases, Font Uploading Capabilities, and so much more

  • Built in SEO guides

  • Marketing tools

  • User friendly interface

1. why wix?


Wix’s user friendly interface, endless integrations, and ability to cater to more advanced users is the perfect combination for any website designer. Having an obsession with website design from a young age, I’ve spent years using and trying out different website building platforms. During my time in a more corporate job, I even learned how websites work using programs like Dreamweaver. After all my searching and bouncing between different platforms I have now been a Wix user for almost five years. Wix is my place of choice to design because of its user friendly interface and its ability to be completely customizable. This makes it fun for me as a designer to be able to focus more on the design without having to worry about tedious code and also makes the transition from designer to client much more smooth. 

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